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The Eighth Day is a member of the Baptist Union of Victoria.


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... You can out-distance that which is running after you, but not what is running inside of you - Rwandan Proverb.

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As a community we are in a time of significant transition, our site undergoing a major building development. We look forward to a new stage of life and ministry as a community in mid-2018.





Welcome to The Eighth Day

On the Edge

Being pushed to the edge can often be an exhilarating experience, though many find it not to be a pleasant experience, teetering on the brink and pondering the implications if one loses one's balance. The adrenaline can surge as one propels from a tower with a bungee cord securely attached to both legs... the fall creating the sense of danger, yet with the recognition and hope that the cord will prevent harm.

In recent days, our world has found itself perched on an edge, perhaps for many even feeling like it has left the platform. In Melbourne we have faced the effect of a long drought, threatening the viability of future water supplies, at the same time creating an environment where bushfires have consumeed vast tracts of land and threatened communities. We have been required to live briefly without electricity, our trains have been found wanting and many withdrawn from service and, above all, we are coming to grips with the reality and implications of climate change - which leaves us sitting on the edge of an unknown future, not even sure whether there is a bungee cord attached. There is considerable angst at a community level.

Here at the Eighth Day, we live on the City's edge, able to see its skyline and observe its patterns. It reflects in some meaningful ways our call to live life 'on the edge', or better, 'at the margins', hearing the voices and seeing the faces which are oft forgotten in the hustle and bustle of business and commerce. We seek to live life against the flow which is dictated by the rhythms of the city, seeking to remain at its edge, aware, but not immersed.


It is easy to be seduced by a sense of despair, feeling helpless against the array of forces impacting upon our lifestyles, our sense of security, and our heritage. Whether it be at a personal level, where the pressures upon us from workplace and economic ideals keeps us under pressure, or the more global forces at work create uncertainty, for many there is a grasping for hope grounded in the present moment.

We believe that the gospel provides that hope: that in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, an alternative pathway has been demonstrated and proven. It is not an easy, nor a simplistic response, but one grounded in present realities, and born of concrete commitments in the present moment.

We would be happy to share together in living this reality, as a sign and seal of faith, hope and love.


We are spiritual people, and need others around us to maintain our spiritual sense - an attitude which is life-giving and life-forming. Jesus noted that 'he came to give us life, and life in abundance' (John 10:10). The spiritual path is the only pathway to an abundant life.

The Eighth Day is a community seeking to support and challenge one another on this spiritual journey, not just for our own sakes, but for the sake of all - to make a difference in our world, and in our local community.

We'd love to share the journey with you, to offer support and encouragement, guidance and resourcing for the journey. It is our hope that this site encourages you to realise that God is at work, and longing to be in relationship in new and vital ways with us all.

Gary Heard


We hope you find this a helpful place to visit. Your feedback is welcomed.

Gary Heard

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last updated: September 17, 2017


God says...

"things shall not remain as they are..."

Ezekiel 21:26

The Eighth Day

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"The Eighth Day "?

A common question we are asked is "What does 'The Eighth Day' mean?". The Eighth Day is an image and a symbol born of three realisations:

As we have shared this image, we have gained further insight into its potential meaning. It is the power of an image to speak more than the original authors intended. For some further reflections on The Eighth Day, check out the following: