Key Text

Job 12:12-16

Is wisdom with the aged, and understanding in length of days? "With God are wisdom and strength; he has counsel and understanding. If he tears down, no one can rebuild; if he shuts someone in, no one can open up. If he withholds the waters, they dry up; if he sends them out, they overwhelm the land. With him are strength and wisdom; the deceived and the deceiver are his.

cited from NRSV


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January 17, 2005

John Wright

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Published January 16, 2005

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Present Context

For Reflection

Water throughout scripture depicts a life-giving, and a life-destroying force.

At creation, God shows power over the chaos of the waters, creating life.

At the time of Noah, the waters are no longer held back, destroying the world.

The people of Israel pass through the waters in the Exodus, going to freedom, and again as they cross the Jordan to enter the promised land.

Jonah finds both judgment and deliverance in the seas.

Jesus calms the storm which threatens to overwhelm the disciples in the boat.

Water has life-giving, and life-destroying capacity...

We pray:
Lord, may we who are made of water be aware of our own life-giving and life-destroying capacities. May our choices and actions nourish and nurture life in others, and in ourselves.