Key Text

Ephesians 5:8-14

In the past, the darkness was your natural habitat, because you needed its cover to hide the way you lived. But now you are united to the Lord and are at home in the light. So live lives that reflect the light. Be shining examples of all that naturally grows in the light — goodness, honesty, and integrity. Do your best to discern what will be most pleasing to the Lord, and let that set your agendas. Have nothing to do with the things that people will only do under cover of darkness. Blow their cover instead, for such things produce nothing good. It does no one any credit to even talk about the corrupt activities that people go to such lengths to keep hidden. The truth about everything is seen when it is exposed to the light, and those things that can stand the light are worth seeing. That’s why it is said,

“Wake up, sleepy head!
Rise from your grave,
and Christ will light up your life!”

cited from Laughing Bird Liturgical Resources


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March 10, 2005

photo by Gary Heard


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Present Context

For Reflection

How do we "discern what is good and pleasing to the Lord"?

Traditionally we have shone a single light upon our search: the light of reason, the light of scripture, the light of church tradition. One of these has predominated. But is the truth ever revealed by a single light?

Different lights reveal different aspects:
* Ultra-violet light
* Blue Light
* Red Light
* X-Rays
to name but a few.

The image of a rainbow is only visible when moisture is in the air: it shows us light through a particular lens.

In our search for God's purposes, we need to shine (in addition to those above)the light of
* community
* intuition
* imagination
* visions
* dreams
* silence...
and others, that we might know God's purposes.

Consider for a moment how many of God's people in scripture were inspired and motivated by a rational idea.

We pray: God, shine your many lights upon our way, that we might understand the breadth and depth and height of your purposes. Illuminate our vision to see more fully, that we might walk more completely in your purposes.